Sizes information

When choosing sizes, it is important to remember that tights are not indestructible, and will fail prematurely if you don't get the correct size (as well as being uncomfortable to wear). Below are size charts from our manufacturers who have published them (many of these have been converted from metric to UK/Imperial sizes by us in order to be more familiar to UK customers); those of our other manufacturers not shown here do not have published size charts, so if you are unsure about sizing, contact us here quoting your waist size, height and inside leg measurement, and we will give you a recommendation based on experience. Please note; there is very little overlap in size ranges between one manufacturer and another - i.e. Size L from one maker probably won't correspond to the same size from another. So if you're not sure about sizing, ASK US; we have considerable experience in this area and will do our best to help you out. The price if you don't can be expensive and disappointing if your new tights fail or are uncomfortable.

'One Size' Products.

Please note, 'One Size' does NOT necessarily fit all. Products which are described as 'One Size' also have details of the range of sizes covered on their respective pages on our site; do not assume that they will fit everybody! Most 'One Size' items cover size ranges from M to XL (with some variations) but if you are towards the upper end of the size range (XL or above) it is possible they will be too small. If you are unsure, please CHECK WITH US - we cannot refund items which have been worn and were found to be too small.

Women's sizes      
VP – height OS- circumference of seat
VP – OS      
158-108 38-42 S I.
164-108 42-46 M II.
170-108 46-48 L III.
176-116 48-52 XL IV.
182-116 54-56 XXL V.

Men's sizes      
VP – height OS- circumference of seat    
VP – OS      
176-116 48-52 L IV.
182-116 54-56 XL V.
190-124 58-60 XXL VI.

Sizes for Aries Avicenum 140 

Height with legs tights and thigh stockings A - G:

  • to 70 cm (27.6 in) = K (short)
  • above 70 cm = D (long)

Height with legs stockings and calf - D:

  • to 37 cm (14.6 in) = K (short)
  • above 37 cm = D (long)


Sizes for Aries Avicenum 360

Sizes in (centimeters).


Height in feet and leg stockings - G:

  • 62 to 71 cm = K (short)
  • 71 to 82 = D (long)

Height with legs stockings and calf - D:

  • 34 to 38 cm = K (short)
  • 39 to 43 cm D = (long)

Sizes for Aries Anti-trombo

Sizes in (centimeters).

Sizes for MAXIS medica 140 DEN