About Us

Our mission is delivery high quality pantyhose for men and women. Support pantyhose, tights to customers who want it for best price available on the internet in compare to same, or similiar product from various companies around the world.

We are Czech company and for that reason we are focusing on delivery premium men’s hosiery products from Czech prestige inovative hosiery companies Aries and ELA.

We also recognized lack of information, about such products in population, and how hard it is to understand what do you need, and find the right strength, model and size. You are welcome to read the article What is compresion hosiery? if you are new to compression hosiery and our site, let’s Czech it out!

Someone would say, supermarkets are full of cheap massaging tights, and pharmacies already offer medical grade hosiery. That is true. But what if supermarket effect is too little, and medical grade too expensive and uncomfortable for people who do not really need it? What if you are a big and tall lady or a man needing tights for medical reasons, and both supermarkets and pharmacies offer tights only for ladies of small and average height?